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Inertia Sustainablility Award

Fredicus’ Design for Good Award

TROVE: Recycling for multi-residential environments

Recycling rates in multi-residential environments tend to be far lower than those in single-dethatched neighborhoods. TROVE is a recycling system for high-rise buildings that aims to tackle this by simplifying and streamlining the disposal process of recyclable materials.

Composed of 2 components, this system integrates a (1) standardized, portable recycling unit into high-rise kitchens which aids in the compaction and proper storage of recycling, and installs a (2) recycling hub in waste-chute rooms where tenants can empty their recycling unit. Integrated into the hub is a rewards/incentives program where tenants can track their statistics against goals, providing an opportunity to instil proper recycling habits. Both components aim to reduce recycling contamination by storing each type of recycling separately.

The goal of this system is to create simpler, more convenient disposal experiences and better connections between the start and end locations of recyclables, all while maintaining proper separation of material.



About the Designer

Alex Young-Davies, Carleton University

As a human, I love to create. As an industrial designer, I love to create for a purpose. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than breaking down complex problems and developing solutions founded in research, reasoning and testing. I believe that good design unifies functionality with aesthetics and, with this in mind, I strive to create impactful solutions that provide meaningful experiences.