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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Tyren – Law enforcement urban mobility vehicle: Law enforcement vehicle designed for condensed urban environments

Police Officers who patrol in dense urban cities have a really hard time moving around due to the increasing population, the roads getting more condensed and being improved to add bike lanes, construction of roads, buildings, and municipal increase the response time for officers to reach the destination of the call. Current vehicles used by Police Officers are very bulky and have very low mobility in majority of the city, where one-lane roads prevent civilian vehicles to give way to emergency services.

Tyren is designed to help mitigate these challenges faced on city streets by having the power to observe, analyze, and implement solutions to obstacles before the officer even reaches them. The drone that flies ahead of Tyren can see various types of obstacles and provide alternate routes to tyren’s onboard Gps to decrease response times for incoming calls.

About the Designer

Aviraj Cheema, Humber College

I am an Aspiring Industrial Designer that looks for new possibilities at each turn no matter the size of the problem. my unique perspective of design allows me to solve problems that incorporate new factors as the world evolves during the pandemic.