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ACIDO First Place

Designforce Market Ready Award

Vagaboard: Micromobility

Worldwide, 60% of all vehicle trips are less than 8 km and could benefit from a micromobility solution. As urban areas are growing, solutions are needed to reduce urban congestion and pollution. To transition into a sustainable future short-distance mobility must be reimagined to work in conjunction with traditional forms of transportation and offer instant, safe, and sustainable mobility.

Vagaboard is designed to provide the function of micromobility when desired and to be unobtrusive when not. Its folding mechanism allows the design to be packaged into 27 L of volume, which enables it to fit into any medium-sized backpack. It is a user-centric solution that enhances micromobility, bridging the gap between short-distance travel and other forms of transportation.

About the Designer

Henry Boy, Humber College

I am fascinated with creating products that deliver a superior function, whilst being unobtrusive to the user. I am driven by the power of not knowing and the believe that good design goes unnoticed, is intuitive and enjoyable.