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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Speciality: Array Sustainability Award


VAM is a push along vacuum cleaner for shoreline environments. This concept is designed to be use-able in almost any shoreline environment whether it is a sandy beach or along a rocky marina. At its core, VAM is a hand truck with a vacuum cleaner mounted onto it, but there is more to it than just that. VAM is designed with human factors and considerations in mind as it reduces the repetitive motion of having to pick up trash one piece at a time. VAM is an easy to use cleaning device that can be used by anyone due to it’s intuitive features and functionality. VAM was designed with the principle idea that form follows function while remaining stylish and pleasing to the eye. It meets the ultimate goal of creating a quicker process for cleaning shoreline environments considering the overall experience for the end user



About the Designer


Harley Schneider, Humber College

Hi there, my name is Harley and I am an emerging Industrial Designer.