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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Velocity Repair: It’s not just a repair service; it’s a comprehensive, community-driven ecosystem that aims to shift the way we approach product life cycles.

Velocity Repair is an innovative platform designed to extend the lifespan of everyday items by facilitating repairs with 3D-printed parts. This service and mobile app connects consumers with local repair experts who utilize digital fabrication technologies to mend broken products, particularly those made of plastic.

The app allows users to effortlessly upload a photo of their damaged item, select the appropriate 3D-printed part from an open-source database, and then connect with a nearby repair expert. This not only helps reduce waste and environmental impact by minimizing the need for new products but also promotes a circular economy by supporting local craftspeople and repair businesses.

Designed for ease of use, Velocity Repair offers a practical, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to the common practice of discarding and replacing items. It champions sustainability and community engagement, making responsible consumer behavior accessible and convenient for everyone.

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About the Designer

Victor Kosic, OCADU

As an emerging Industrial Designer, my journey is driven by a commitment to innovation and the creation of meaningful designs and experiences. Blending analytical rigour and creative intuition, I develop products and services that meet immediate user needs and foresee subtleties in human interaction and environmental stewardship.