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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


VROOM is a pediatric clinic van that is meant to treat children in the Southeast Asian countries of Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The majority of people in these countries live in rural areas. Healthcare from birth to 5 years old is extremely important. Sicknesses in this age gap can turn serious very quickly. In North America, mobile clinics are gaining popularity. These mobile clinics usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are the size of an RV or larger. VROOM is a compact, nimble, low cost vehicle clinic. It is designed for health care workers in Southeast Asia to be proactive about children’s health, do community outreach and treat children that are not be able to make it in to a regular clinic.

About the Designer

Shannon Vigmond, Humber College

Shannon recently graduated from the Humber College Industrial Design program. She hopes to one day purchase an Eames Lounge Chair so that she can nap in style.