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Rocket Finalist

Walden: Suspended-Sleep Jumpsuit

Independent exploration of nature can be an emotionally valuable pursuit. However, the issue of sleep can pose a serious barrier to extended solo expeditions. Walden– a structurally reinforced jumpsuit– proposes a light, efficient, and comfortable approach to sleep. The product functions as an outer-garment for day use, transitioning into a hanging bed when suspended between two trees. This efficient dual-purpose solution ultimately eliminates the need for outerwear, tents, hammocks, camping mats, and sleeping bags. In practice, this makes sleep a fluid part of the journey, allowing users to better explore and connect with nature– effectively disappearing into the wilderness.

About the Designer

Perry Miller, OCAD University

Perry’s design practice centers around a passion for exploring unique interactions between human, object, platform, and planet. He believes that these thoughtful connections and exchanges can help to build to a brighter future.