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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Water Activity Footwear: Enhancing User Experience at Water Parks

Due to water slide regulations, footwear is not permitted on rides because they are considered to be loose items causing self-harm or harm to others, as well as possibly obstructing the ride. Even though the current footwear may be an option, many have mentioned it bothers them when they have to take it off to go on a ride. The new footwear design provides safety against unsanitary conditions and protects users from injuries. Unlike any other existing product on the market, this design has an essential feature allowing the footwear to be repositioned tightly on the shin area. This feature secures the footwear and prevents it from being a loose item during a ride and in pools. This is an opportunity to decrease the most common causes of water park injuries and provide a better experience at water parks.


Water Activity Footwear

Water Activity Footwear`


About the Designer

Patrick El-Sayegh, Carleton University

I am an Industrial Design graduate student with a passion to create meaningful and useful designs that can improve the world around us. I spend most of my days working on new design projects, creating music, and indulging in athletic activities.