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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

wāv: Water Storage and Management System

Currently, the Caribbean island of Barbados relies on groundwater, a resource that is completely overwhelmed by a growing population. Meanwhile, rainwater floods the streets and is diverted into the sea, rather than percolating through the ground to recharge the aquifers. wāv is a modular water storage and management system whose purpose is to foster the adoption of rainwater harvesting as a primary water source for households, in turn reducing demand on the municipal water system and mitigating water scarcity in Barbados. Through customizability and culturally empathetic physical design, wāv aims to be integrated into Barbadian society as a part of everyday life.

About the Designer

Adriane Spence, Humber College

Adriane is a research-driven and detail-oriented designer, who enjoys solving problems with a positive, yet critical mindset. She believes that diversity and collaboration in design is the most efficient way to achieve the best results possible.