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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Excellence: ACIDO Second Place

Awards of Merit: Inertia Market Ready Award

Awards of Speciality: Shepp ID Health and Wellness Award


Physical inactivity perpetuates a dangerous cycle. Research shows that physical inactivity is not socially, physically or economically sustainable. Now, more than ever, urgent action is needed. Being sedentary has extensive health effects on our mind and body, especially in large organizations where employees are inactive for long periods of the day. The generation coming into the workforce today does not value physical activity enough to prioritize it and desk-bound jobs are not going away anytime soon. We need to look beyond active users and target inactive populations to find a solution that integrates with the Gen-Y lifestyle. Through iterative testing, working with chiropractors, foot specialists and various industry professionals, Wazi aims to reverse the effects of sedentary lifestyles by making us move more in order to meet the minimum requirements for our generation to live longer.



About the Designer

Ali Mapara, OCAD University

Working as an individual or as part of a design team, I draw on discipline and creativity to scientifically and artistically engage in all aspects of the design process. With meticulous attention to detail, and an eye for aesthetics, my aim is to provide users with useful and sustainable products with lasting value.