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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

WET: Intimate Planters

The entire WET collection is centred around choreographing moments of intimacy between humans and their plants. Nested between traditional product and service design, this collection begs to confront the power which stagnant objects within our home hold. By leveraging deeply intimate forms and encouraging sensual play we can deepen the appreciation for the things we own. Gone are the days of dust collecting nick-nacks, we have passionate love for the things we bring into our home, and this connection is only growing stronger each day.

About the Designer

Connor Andersen, OCAD University

My name is Connor Andersen and I am a designer currently living and working out of Toronto, Canada. The work that I produce does not define itself to one specific medium; Rather I allow the most viable medium to present itself through research and define the best solutions. My work strives to push boundaries and ask questions, and I can only hope that it evokes some form of conversation within you.