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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

ZESU490: Human-Centric Environment For Saturation Divers.

ZESU490 provides a comfortable environment reducing the psychological stress on divers, allowing a focused mentality for a safer work experience. It is an interior solution that uses modular components and an innovative layout to maximize space efficiency and includes features that improve productivity, privacy and overall ergonomics. ZESU490 creates a work experience to ease the mind of the diver in preparation for their dive by improving physical comfort. Overall, it provides a productive and safer work solution for the saturation diving industry.


Thesis Submission Video ACIDO

About the Designer

Olivia Naccarato, Humber College

A design student fascinated by how humans interact with their surroundings. Observing and understanding ways to create innovative solutions, with a balance of beauty and function, is key to developing good design that will benefit us and our environment.