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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

ZONE: Preventing auditory overstimulation at work for autistic people.

Active noise canceling technology without the social barrier of headphones or earbuds. ZONE eliminates overstimulating sounds at work while allowing voices of customers and co-workers through. With the form factor and material aesthetic of an elevated work earpiece, ZONE lets customers know that they are being heard. An indicator light signals to coworkers whether ZONE is in active pass-through mode or full noise cancellation mode, eliminating uncertainty about when they can be heard.

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About the Designer

Audrey Sabbagh, Carleton

Audrey is an industrial designer whose passion lies in the connection between social design, meeting real user and societal needs, and creating beautiful things. Aside from her successes at school, that can be credited to her persistent work ethic and strong organizational skills, Audrey completed a design internship where her aptitude for learning and active listening skills allowed her to excel.