ACIDO welcomes two new representatives to the DIAC (Design Industry Advisory Committee) Board.

Kaylyn Belcourt, ACIDO will represent DIAC on ACIDO’s board and serve as ACIDO’s representative to the Design Industry Advisory Committee. Kaylyn serves as President of Copernicus Educational Products where she leads development of unique solutions that deliver innovative classroom solutions.

Tim Haats, ACIDO will represent ACIDO on the DIAC board. Tim is an Assistant Professor in the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University where he utilizes his practical skills, knowledge, and passion for design and business to explore the relationship between design and entrepreneurship, and how emerging design practices support innovation.

The Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) is a think tank and cross-disciplinary research group established in 2001 by the City of Toronto. The activities of DIAC promote the strategic value of design and the contribution of designers from all disciplines to economic, social and environmental goals. ACIDO proudly supports the initiatives of DIAC. For more information: